An update.

Supervisor just told me he will be taking me on a weekly house visit to this woman who is schizophrenic. Her aim is to ‘get out of the house without getting anxiety attacks.’ A part of me is excited and a part is just plain scared.

I signed up for the flashmob. I might die because I have to handle internship, fyp, volunteering @ IMH, now this and have a life. So I’ll only go for 5 rehearsals.

Reading Crystal’s blog just makes me feel super appreciated at times and I love reading it. She updates like mad (3-4 posts a day) which keeps me entertained when I have absolutely nothing to do. Love you.

I think my voice sounds like a baby through the phone.

Janelle and I have been stalking popular blogs. We are onto and now.

SUPERVISOR JUST TOLD ME HE MIGHT BE BRINGING ME TO ‘team J’s-ex-internship-place’. May he still be there LOL.


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