Tea with the wife. 6th April.

First, the belated birthday present I bought for my mother. Her birthday was on 4th of April.



The reason I gave her as to why I bought this was: “You like to eat crabs, there are diamonds on them, you like them too and you are getting more mature so a huge pearl.”

When she was about to receive it, she acted shy!

Vivo with the wife.



Went into Hans ‘cos Raj wanted to sit down. He made me get up after that because he wanted to walk. Then he complained it was too hot. OMG. So we went into King Louis and ordered a pot of Chamomile tea. Worst tea ever. By Lipton and it costed us 6 bucks.


I have to remove the nail polish soon.


As usual, we talked about everything. We’ll catch up from where we left off the last Friday. Then, both our families came to Vivo for a meet the In-laws session!!!

Kidding. It was a coincidence. We went off to eat with our own families after that :)

I knew more about my wife :)


4 thoughts on “Tea with the wife. 6th April.

  1. I HAD TEA recently too!! ahahhahahahah. damn we are reallly very alike. How are you babe? btw where is the shoe heaven ?:O

    The more i read your blog, the more i miss your hyperness & your cute personality ! :*(

    Denise Pung.


      Yes, omg. Well, we do have the same name :) AT JCUBE. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

      Aw, I miss you a lot too :'( We will keep in touch okay!

      Love you,
      Denise Lee, hahahaha!

  2. HAHAHAHAH i lol-ed at the “Love you, Denise Lee.” why you so cute !! sigh,super touched by your post of us :’) what’s your twitter? i NEED to follow you. ok need to make a trip down to JCUBE asap.i was hyperventilating at your shoeheaven picture!

    DENISE :D hehe

    1. HAHAHAHAHA. Awwwwwwwwwww. You are welcome :) My Twitter is @deniseleeeee!!! HAHAHA. THERE’S A LINK AT THE SIDE!!! AHHAHA. Omg. Just go there. Really cheap!

      HEE HEE,
      DENISE :D

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