Sushi + dessert.

Junction 8 on Sunday (8th of April) with Crystal and Liner :D Coincidence, when Liner and I wore almost the same clothes we wore during Last Hour.








No buffet so we just took Àla Carte. First time out with each other! But because Liner and I knew each other longer than we know Crystal, I know we made my dear Crystal felt a bit left out :( I hope that sms reassured you, love :)

Went to the arcade to play Bishi Bashi. I was like, the best?!?! I had 3 lives and I lost 2 while Crystal and Liner still had 3. Then Crystal took over me and I lost 2 of Crystal’s lives. So Liner took over me and I lost all 3 lives of his ;) MY BRAIN PROCESSED DAMN SLOW FOR SOME REASON. WHAT A BAD GAME. But the adrenaline rush was, wow.

Sent Crystal to AMK because she had to go pack her bags. Liner and I went to Serangoon for dessert! He introduced me to this awesome durian purée!



It is so nice!?!?!??! Tasty and heaty at the same time. It’s alright though, since I love water. We walked from Serangoon Gardens all to way back to Serangoon MRT station. 2++ kilometres and the both of us suck at directions. It’s a miracle we made it back :) The walk was great. Time passed really fast for some reason.

Liner’s also one of the friends I have that doesn’t mind me having quite a big number of close friends. As long as I maintain them, right? Thank you so much for those words :)

Thanks for the dessert too. I’ll buy you a toilet bowl next time.

Today is Tuesday. The deputy head of my centre praised me and I felt all the work I did for her was all worth it. I was on the verge of crying (after I decided to stay back after my work hours to finish it all), I don’t know why, I didn’t bother to think about it but I managed to finish the task she gave to me and made last minute changes. I have a great supervisor too :’) I should just start crying tears of joy now.

This colleague was sitting alone in the dark.I got a shock when I entered the room. He was drowning in his thoughts, I guess.

Colleague: “I ask you a question okay. What if you have tons and tons of problems, health problems, financial problems, everything. What would you do? I’ll teach you how after you answer my question.”
Me: “I would talk to my friends about it. I always feel better after saying it out.”
Colleague: “What if your friends listen to you until tired. There is a limit to them listening to you.”
Me: “Huh. Then, I would start fixing the problems one by one. I mean, even if you are just fixing one, at least you are fixing something, right.”

I thought my answers were awesome but a part of my mind was saying, “I would hide, escape from it all.” but he just told me a suicide story so that wasn’t really appropriate.

He then said, “Just live life day by day. If you worry what tomorrow is going to bring, you will just be miserable.
Me: “So we just live? Don’t care about problems?”
Colleague: “I mean like, at least you are still living, you know.”

That was totally something I would have said but my mind as all about impressing that I missed what I would actually do. I learnt quite a bit during my OT :)

I’m thankful for everything.


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