Only look at me.

Last week, one of the days after work, I had a great dinner with Yaxun. I rarely make last minute plans but for her, I would do it. She’s always there with a shoulder to lie on, really. I love you.

Monday, yesterday, had dinner with Vincent Kang :) He shared with me about Hi-Club camp. I heard so much about it from people that I kind of felt I did go through it. I had the best claypot again! Sorry I had to leave so early!

‘cos I had to fly to meet Raj and Glenn at the last minute. Glenn sucks ‘cos he was damn late. He reached when almost all the stores in Vivo are closed. Went to Carl’s Junior for Glenn’s dinner. We kept making fun of each other. I must say I feel the most comfortable with them in a 3-people outing. We know everything about each other and we even feel comfortable when a secret is exposed. How do I put this.. We talk deep talks and fight with each other at the same time. I slapped Raj with my shoes and Raj hit me 3 times with his. I’m a straw biter when I drink so I just bit Glenn’s straw and Glenn hates it big time (He turned it the other way -_-). It does feel like Raj’s my wife and Glenn’s my sister-in-law :D



You guys are the best :)


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