Last week, some incidences made Jeremy Yeo text me. I MISSED HIM.

I was on the circle line on the 8th and this huge group of people my age sat around me. I felt so stressed because I was sitting between friends. I wanted to move but the pressure, argh!!! Then Jeremy messaged me.

Jeremy: “Eh, you on the circle line right.”
Me: “Yeah, omg where are you.”
Jeremy: “Hahahahahhahahaha :/”
Jeremy: “You are wearing blue right.”
Jeremy: “I’m not there la. Isaac’s friend is just two seats away from you.”
Me: “Lol, omg. Do I know him?”
Jeremy: “Yeah, “Jason”, ring a bell?”
Me: “No. it’s that swimmer guy? How you know.”
Jeremy: “He called me.”

I don’t remember his face and name. I only remember I was introduced to him before. I felt so bad. Nearing Bishan, that Jason guy was like,

Jason: “Hi.”
Me: “Hello.”
Jason: “Denise right.”
Me: “Yeah, hahaha. You called Jeremy? So efficient?”
Jason: “Yeah, haha, I couldn’t remember your name.”
Me: “Haha, it’s okay.”

THE AWKWARDNESS WAS KILLING ME. Things like that don’t happen everyday. Plus his girlfriend or his female friend was sitting between us. Just kill me then.

The next day or something, another text.

Jeremy: “You from Leo club?”
Me: “Yeah, why?”
Jeremy: “You know this person called Zul?”
Me: “Yep! Ex Leo club president. How you know him?”
Jeremy: “He helped my friend to fix his com.”

He said to meet soon :) THAT BETTER BE THE CASE. Same class with him for 4 years. He is a great friend although we almost never talk in Poly!!! But when we do talk, it’s like nothing’s changed :)

I miss Waiyee too. Kris. Cephas(DAMN SMART NOW, ZZZ).



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