Denise + Denise


THIS PHOTO IS TAKEN IN 2010, OMG. I have fats in my cheeks now :)

She is a very special friend of mine. We are so alike that our fates are probably tied with a string. When we knew each other, we found out our relationships started around the same time. Our O level scores are almost the same. Our moody and happy times are kind of linked. When I told her I broke up with Isaac, her reply was, “Omg, no wonder this few days I feel so moody and irritated :(“. We both have annoying brothers and our mothers are kind of alike too. I was in the East this one time, walked past the bus stop and I saw her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said she’s on the bus already! I just missed her by a minute! We almost never meet up but we have this.. Just something.

And you know what, her name is Denise too. Which makes her even more special. To me, that is :)


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