Family love.

Observed my supervisor trying to get a family to communicate more. The father actually applied for Beyond Parental Control and this is the first session they all sat down together to talk. Supervisor wanted the parents to affirm the boy.

Mom (crying): “I feel happy that now you are always at home and you come back by the time you tell us. Every time you are out, I get so worried. Now you should know why we always sms and call you.” in Chinese.

Like some drama but I was actually witnessing it before my eyes.

This 17 year old boy was so hurt that his parents don’t trust him that he cried. At a time when his pride is probably bigger than anything else; he actually cried. He doesn’t like it that his father always brings up the past; the time when he was at his worst. Most teenagers won’t even bother. They feel nothing but he felt something.

This senior social worker was in there too and she said that it’s because he knows his parents love and care for him, that’s why he is able to show his actual emotions out. He didn’t get angry. He showed that he felt hurt.

Senior SW to the boy: “So now you know why your parents did what they did right.”
Mom (crying): “It’s because we love him.”

The mom can’t really speak English and to see her say it 2 times, I teared.

Senior SW to boy: “Now thank your mom for coming down here :) Most parents don’t even bother to have a session and they made the effort to come down.”
Boy (crying): “Thank you two for coming down.” in Chinese.

I teared at that part too. It’s so hard to say what we actually feel to our parents, especially at this age. Before that, my supervisor kept asking him to tell his parents his feelings but he didn’t want to. But at the end, he said that line.

Issues and happy endings that happen in dramas are so underrated. I only realised it ’till now.


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