Siewhuey <3

15th of April.

Was surviving on only 3 hours of sleep because of the overnight thing the night before.

Our first ever date after talking about it for like, a year. I’m glad we made it come true :) Met her at MBS and found out that it is her first time there! Found a Gongcha stall but it’s so weird. I mean, in there are all the atas goods and Gongcha is just standing there. Oh and by the way, I have never once stepped into a shop in MBS (Burberry, Chanel, Ralph Lauren). Not that they will believe I am buying anything.


We saw 2 couples taking their wedding photos. The brides were soooooooooooooo beautiful but I kind of felt sorry for them ‘cos they had to wear that heavy dress out in that crazy sun. One was even wearing heels and her dress still drags on the floor. The sweet groom helped her to hold the train of her dress :) We witnessed such sweet scenes and Siewhuey was totally stalking one.

We walked to the Esplanade and she brought me to the roof top :)



We talked a lot. We caught up from where we left off which was like, a year ago, omg. When I told her about my life, it was on Day 2 of FOW. My dear freshies asked me about it and I didn’t feel like I had anything to hide, you know.

I can’t believe I managed to summarise my ‘life story’. Kudos to me. I had a great time with Siewhuey. Yep, she impacted my life and she is going to have that impact on me forever :)

Went to meet Liner. He woke up at 3. What a pig.

He needs those kind of beauty mask.




It’s amazing, how I gave in to eat at Pastamania after avoiding it ever since secondary school. See the duck pasta? I’m beginning to feel that duck should only be duck rice and nothing else. After eating that and some duck breast in Ikea (upcoming post)


Sat at the garden part of Dhoby Ghout and talked. About really sweet things then made us smile :) :) :) And blush. EEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sent Siewhuey off after awhile :) Pictures at the MRT!




I had a great time with the 2 of them!

Liner and I went around and we shared a cup of passionfruit tea from Agantea. Sat at a part of the MRT station and just talked. A line from him made me think and it might possibly be true. Which sucks :( but thanks anyway :) Time passed really fast again. Must be fate that we have to get close while I am on internship. It will be really hard to meet Siewhuey or Liner in the future.

I’ll treasure whatever time I have with you two. Thank you :)


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