Labour day.

It must have been a while since I blogged about something that happened just minutes ago. Usually I’d take days or a week to blog about it.

I wanted to show one of Demi’s works off. She makes amazing stuff with just clay.

It’s a mockingjay pendant :)



She gave it to me :) Looks like the real thing right!!! I love it but I don’t know what I am going to do with it. I don’t wear necklaces. Hmm, I should turn it into a pin!

It’s been sooooooooooooooooo long since I saw my ah ma :cry: So today, I did what I always do around her since I could walk or was tall enough. I just kept hovering around her while she cooks :) It’s a habit and I like to see things change before my eyes. To see raw food tun into something really delicious :D


Time for a fringe cut. Don went to the gym but he made it back to eat ah ma’s food :D



I absolutely love home cooked food. My mom doesn’t cook so it’s outside food almost everyday. The brown plate with rice is my plate! It’s a Peter Rabbit plate! Ah ma cooked all my favourites :D

She was preparing our dinner so we can heat it up later. She has to go home :( Like now. She is beside me now packing her stuff :(

When will I see my ah ma again :( :( :(


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