May may may.


The Night Market I’ve not seen for so many years is close to me again! It’s at AMK this time. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I miss Pasar Malams. I bought like fishballs almost everyday until the uncle remembers me. Janelle kept laughing at that fact and I still don’t get why :roll: Hee hee.


Went back to school for consultation with Janelle. Then met Raj the wife. Went to the library and he acted scenes for me to see!!! HAHAHAHA. The wife said things that made me very happy :)


We had a tiny picnic, haha. I was craving for seaweed but they only had hot and spicy so we bought milk! I had fun :D

Tuesday‘s post is below! So Wednesday.

Went back to school for presentation! After that, Yaxun, Janelle and I went to the library to watch a movie. They watched while I slept. I was so tired for some reason. Had to leave at 5.30!


We took photos to celebrate the end of presentation LOL.

Met Zhenliang for steamboat! My longest, sort-of-best guy friend is going in to NS next Wednesday! Friends since primary 6 :) Our friendship is nicely-weird. We can don’t talk for months and months on end but we never really drifted.


Bought durians and went to West Coast Park. So there were two stalls selling durians at really cheap prices. This guy called him “shuai ge” and he immediately got bought over, HAHAHAHAHA!


He has girl eyes :D We sat at a playground. He laid down and we just stared at the red sky. He wanted to stay until 3am, which is madness because I have work the next day. We left when the rain got heavier.

I’m extremely comfortable with him but he is not the kind to have deep talks with, hee hee. He is still as vain as ever. He kept telling me tons of girls eyecandy him or something. ZL KEPT SAYING I AM IMMATURE. He introduced me to the world of anime :) Of course, I don’t watch all the pervertic stuff that he watches.

I’ll miss you! Take care in there. Don’t die inside.


I was so grateful for Thursday. Agnes had something on in the end so I couldn’t bring to eat my favourite claypot in AMK! Soon okay! So grateful because I get to rest! I went home. It’s been so long since I got home when the sky was still bright. So I rotted. Like, all I did was sat at a spot and did my stuff. Omg, I love it. I slept at 10.45pm. I’m sleeping so much more during internship.




Stressful day because it was the first time we handled clients without our supervisors!!!!!!!!!!!! And both of them only speak Cantonese so if I was alone, I would cry. But the lucky me had Janelle! ;)

So we had this really funny conversation (to me) that when I think about, I’d laugh.

Me: “You must tell me okay! If you don’t like me to keep taking your things.”
(I take everything from her because I don’t bring them. iPhone charger, pen, thumbdrive, etc LOL)
Janelle: “I’ve never thought of that before.”
Me: “Omg, I thought you would have thought of that.”
Janelle: “Nah. But you good la. Everything take from me. All the responsibility on me.
Me: “Omg, nooo, not like that. Is just..
Janelle: “Huh. Very good hor you? Why always never bring stuff? Why so lazy?”
Me: “Nooooo.”
Colleague: “Are you two quarrelling?”
Janelle: “No, we are just bickering like lovers.”


Went to Hi Club opening ceremony after that :) So glad that I have Mandy there with me :) I wasn’t in a socialising mood then.

Javis got Kangling and me couple NP hoodies!!! :D Kidding. He asked if I want an NP hoodie and I said yes. I remembered Kangling’s love for hoodies so I decided to order one for her too. Then I decided to turn it into a surprise present for her because she met the deadline for presentation and she had all the love from the head of her company :)

And I’ve decided to not post about Leo Wave.

So I went home with Raj and we had yogurt instead of jelly and disasters happened whenever we talked about that particular subject :oops: ZZZ.

Sleep early, you guys :)


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