Lazy Saturday.

Went for my haircut.

Met Serena at her house at 3pm. She was sick but she sneaked out to get some air. It works. You should get out more if you are sick.

Went for a walk in West Coast Plaza and there was a Taiwan food bazaar or something.


Some Korean snack in the middle of all the Taiwan foods. I felt really unhealthy eating it. Potatoes fried for awhile in oil and sprinkled with tons of barbeque powder. Somehow, I felt buying it in Korea would taste nicer! Even though it was my first time trying it.

The Dessert House


So nice! The beancurd isn’t as nice as Rochor or others that I have tried but with the nata de coco, it was heavenly :)





Went back to her house to rot awhile before walking to Clementi. I used to walk that path a number of times. Remembered Huiqi’s working there and went to find her.


She treated me a sour plum drink :D And gave me a gift! Thank you, Huiqi!

Went to my popo’s house :)


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