My week.


Read here if you haven’t.


Night shift day :)







Hatched at Holland V with Javis. I FINALLY GOT TO EAT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Amazing eggs :) Went to explore Holland V because he has never been there. Goodness -_- We went to Cold storage and took a trolley. Put our bags in and started walking around. We wanted to just pick food off the shelves but it’s sort of small and if we started playing we would most probably get arrested. So the amazing thing is, we walked for 2 hours in there. I know right, I don’t know how we did it too :)


Dinner with Dave. WAH WAH WAH. I WAITED 1+ HOURS FOR HIM. We had duck rice at AMK and we walked to the MRT station. It was a good talk and walk :) He said I look like coffee and I burst out laughing. I hope he feels better! Met Kaiyan at the station and we had a ride back together.

Dave: “You seem like the kind that would never have a boyfriend.”
Me: “Omg, why do you say that?”
Dave: “I would feel really insecure if I was your boyfriend. You have too many guy friends.

Thank God he is not. From the looks of it, he can easily flip all my friends. No point having so many muscles if they are just going to turn flabby anyway :)

That line, made me think a lot. Will post my thoughts on it soon :)




Junny came to find me for lunch! What a miracle. Nah, he just thought it was convenient eating with me because he was studying at Bishan. He bought me Gongcha though! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu. He kept showing off his lego watch -_-


Janelle protects me really well in the office :) Wo ai ni. Pass me Joongki’s handshake tomorrow.

Went to school to wait for the wife.


I missed you, Jingshan. So lucky I had two cameras so I can lend it to her so I CAN FINALLY GET TO SEE HER. I wanted so much time with her that I made her climb the hill to get to the Attic so the both of us can walk down together :)

Met Raj and we went to Anchorpoint to wait for Glenn. And to Ikea.



It looks like the wife has long hair.


Glenn damn gross, cannot take it.




Hi :) :) :) I have double eyelids. They are just hidden because I have a lot of meat in my eyelids :)

Then we walked to Alexander Park. I was angry because it was already 10+ but they still wanted to walk there. Omg. Glenn and I were being really weird, like individually, so really sorry to my wife, Raj :( He had to put up with both of us. I really like being with the two of them but I wasn’t in the best of moods :( Glenn sort of helped me with my problems after I got home and we discussed things on fb until 3.

Me: “You talk like an old man.”
Glenn: “I am trying to help you here even when my head is so messed up and you are saying this.”

I paid back by asking my friends to like his photo. Yep.

Love my friends.


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