Welcome to my world (A concert by people with Disabilities)

I got a little bored waiting for 5pm so I started making stuff to eat. It’s kimchi noodles + dried mushrooms + korean seaweed (kimchi flavour) + mushroom omelette.





I love eating the food I make omg. I feel it tastes so much nicer because I made it all by myself.



IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING CONCERT EVER. I was so afraid I might fall asleep because I was expecting orchestras and old songs but no, omg. There were hip hop groups and stunts!!! Every performance made me clap crazily/open my mouth/say “omg”. I was so hyped up because EHorizons provided sign interpretation services so woo!!! Sign language!!!

I would not say I have a favourite but the performances that left huge impacts for me was Robert Tan (He is visually impaired but he is grade 7 in piano and has the deep singing voice!!! His song signer reminds me of Huiqi. Such pretty signings!) APSN CHaoyang School Groovys (THEY DANCED TO T-ARA’S BO BEEP AND BIG BANG’S FANTASTIC BABY!!! AHHHHHHH. And they are all so small sized omg!!!). Metta School Sparks (They made me feel like a loser omg. THEY DO TRICKS I CAN NEVER DO LIKE JUGGLING, DIABOLOS, STUNTS. Goodness). Stephanie Ow (She is a 16 year old hearing impaired girl studying in a mainstream school. I can’t even play a string instrument, zzzzz. Her Erhu-playing gave me goosebumps :)). One Heart One Voice (They sung What about now by Westlife. Amazing voices!!!!!) Redeafination (Singapore’s self funded, independent hip hop group for the deaf) and Fun Forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Founded by a group of deaf dance lovers in Hongkong. Joseph thinks that Tony is the handsome one but I think the other guy looks better. OKAY, ALL DAMN GOODLOOKINH, EVEN THE GIRLS.) Redeafination danced to 2NE1’s I’m the best and Bingbang’s Fantastic baby!!! I almost died. Such amazing people!!!


So throughout the concert, there was an MC and a sign language interpreter. Looks like Darren, omg. We were like, yeah, looks like him, the hair and all. Turns out, yep, it was Darren. It was further confirmed after I saw Hi Clubbers outside! :D Jack, Zhixiong, Humairah, etc. HO HO. THEY WERE INSIDE AND I DIDN’T KNOW.


Thank you, Joseph!!! He asked who wanted to go to this concert and I really wanted to go when I saw the website. Thought that my whole family would want to go together but they said no (&#@*&#*(@) so I said I want to go! ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS. I got in for free! Hee hee.


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