Last weekend.

I meant like, last last (26th and 27th) weekend. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So on Saturday, I decided to spend some Me time. I watched a Thai romantic comedy “Fabulous 30” and a Japanese movie “I give my first love to you”, both recommended by Janelle. The main characters in Fabulous 30 look better and better throughout the show. The guy is omg omg omg, his character grows on you :cry: So cool! Didn’t cry ‘cos I couldn’t understand liking a guy younger than me.

I give my first love to you. I cried like mad, zzz. The Japanese have this way of making the ending incredibly sad like, destroying any last hope at the last second or whatever but they managed to package it well then you are kind of satisfied with it.

Went to my popo’s house after that :)

Sunday, got dragged to Keppel Bay club by Dave. Hee hee. Okay not drag. I wanted to see the kind of environment rich people are in :D There’s a studying room :cry: Have to swipe the membership card to enter. Went to this part of the club to have “tea” (it was like 4pm).



Ho ho, the horfun was so goooooooooood but it’s like $7+. My house downstairs is $3.50. He went back to study then he took me for a tour. It wasn’t much of a tour :x

Left at around 7pm to have dinner with my family.


Prawn noodles :cry: Tears of joy and we had dessert :) It’s a huge coffeeshop at Henderson.

I had this weird dream that I went to find a job at Yami Yogurt just to sustain my membership at Keppel Bay.
What the hell.


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