“The heart, is like a house okay. Mine is so clean and perfect that I can’t risk anybody coming in to destroy it.”
“I can’t say I won’t destroy it but you don’t even let me try to come in.”

“You can’t measure my like for you.”

“I will break open that door then.”

“You have so many doors in front of you.”

“You told me we would end up as hi-bye friends. So why should I expect anything out of you.”

“Are you angry with me?”
Are you still going to message me?
“Haha, yes.”
So can I send you home now?
“Yes yes.”
Can I come and find you instead of you finding me?
“Yes you can.”
Can I buy stuff for you?
“Yes, you can do anything.”

30 minutes of sitting at SOTA on Sunday. I got a white portable charger.

I told my family about it.

“See that guy? I like him.” (I had this thought they might think it is one-sided) “Don’t worry, he likes me too.”


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