Past week.


I can post huge photos now but on instagram, the size is a little overwhelming. So they will be put in this format! :) Photo dumps!

Monday – Dinner with Tingkang :D He brought me to eat porridge in AMK. Obviously he was kind of sad and he was trying to hide it, haha. He went on a food binge :( Porridge, chee chong fan, carrot cake and beancurd. We took 166 home because it goes to both our houses but it’s 1 hour plus. We survived ‘cos really, long bus rides are so much bearable with company. Cheer up okay! I sang him a birthday song on the bus, haha!

Ran with Kaiyan after that. Running once a week is too little, I feel.

Tuesday – School and NUS with Janelle. I’ll do a post on this :)

Wednesday – Had lunch with Clarice and Boonsiong because we did not want to conform with the rest of our colleagues (they all had mac. UNHEALTHY). We had bak ku teh and this huge fish cooked in Teochew style with Teochew sauce :) Boonsiong treated us the fish! Thank you! Had our first ‘Intern gang” group picture too :)

Had to cancel any plans because I have to spend time at the Bungalow at Pasir ris!

Thursday – Breakfast with my father ‘cos he sent me to work! After work, I had my first dinner with Nadhirah! I’ll most probably do a post on this together with the Tuesday one :)

Friday – Had this awesome heart to heart talk with Clarice. Similar situations. After our stories we were like, “Omg, finally someone understands!” Thank you. I felt fine opening up to her :) Went back to school to find Crystal. Saw a group of Hi-Clubbers :)

Dinner with Crystal, Amanda, Ron and Basil! Jacq came to give me a hug :) And Ron got me this prawn noodle keychain from Hongkong! :cry: I am so touched! Thank you! Had this long talk about relationships with Amanda and Basil until 10pm. We stalked pretty girls and handsome guys. Hee hee. I love my H.O.Ts. They are a bunch of people I became close with all by myself. I didn’t enter because a friend entered the Exco! I love you guys.

School with Javis until 11pm!

I’d tell you about my weekends soon! Till then :)


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