Last Saturday so this is on last Sunday!






Went to flea. I got myself new anklets. I think they are probably bracelets but I really need an anklet. I had the previous one for over a year. To H&M and I got myself a dress. Just kill me. I have like 3-4 dresses not worn since I bought them. Victoria looks really pretty in dresses! So we said that on one date, we’d wear the dresses we bought that day and on another date, we are going to wear our fishtail skirts! I can’t wait! We sat at SOTA and watched the world go pass. At some point we had our favourite Earl Gray milk tea with pudding. I couldn’t stay with her for long because I had to celebrate Father’s Day in advance! We’ll see each other soon and we have plenty of agendas :)


A bus to Bugis and we had Swensons’. Went to the huge Uniqlo at Bugis+ and got myself a checkered shirt. It’s like pink and yellow. What a far cry from my usual colours.

It’s about to be 2am and I have work tomorrow. OMG IT’S 2AM.


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