11th of June.


Monday, went for lunch with Janelle at Bishan :) Met Vincent Kang to take the MRT because he was heading to Vivocity! Made my family go to Vivocity for dinner after that :)

Tuesday, met the wife at Novena and we took a cab down to Vivo. Had some steamboat which totaled to $44! Just when I thought of saving money but when I got home, I found out the allowance for the month entered my bank account! :D So many embarrassing things happened, like I dropped my shoes from the second to first floor and I had to run barefooted to get it. Goodness :x

Wednesday, had a Leo club gathering at Serena’s! So glad Victoria was invited :) I would most probably end up alone since Serena has to be a good host but then again, Serena’s father told me to help host that tiny get together, lol. Maybe because I stayed there too many times, hahaha. Played truth or dare Jenga with Victoria, Lionel and Wen wen. Omg, we had so much fun. Then it was Monopoly Deal with Daren, Victoria, Jonathan and Joshua. That was so funny as well. We all left around 11.30 :) I had a great night with tons of tiger prawns :)

I swear I am like, not allergic to prawns now.

Thursday, had dinner with Dave. He passed me my cardigan I got through him! Took the train with him because he was headed to Keppel Bay to gym. He said he learnt a lot when he is with me. I tend to come up with more wise words than normal for some reason. Went home to change before going down to Vivo to meet the hi-clubbers :) I was glued to Huiqi, lol. The night ended pretty nicely :)

Friday was the our second out of three implementations. Janelle and I felt really depressed after it so Clarice and Boonsiong made brownies with ice-cream for us and messages with icing :) So damn sweet, please. Hatched and The Daily Scoop with Jamie. I’ll most probably do a post on this since I have pictures :)


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