I’ve not transferred the pictures from my camera to my computer so I can’t really do a post now. I’ve so much I want to put in here. Stay tuned :)

“I thought you wanted to send your phone for repair.”
“Yeah, I thought about it then I don’t want to anymore.”
“Huh, why. It’s like dead.”
“I just don’t want.”
“No money? Want me to pay for you?” (I don’t know why I said that. Not like I have LOL)
“No, my mom offered to send it in for me.”
“Then what.”
“It’s a deep dark personal secret.”
“But we are not allowed to keep secrets! Haha.”
“But it’s deep and dark!!! I can’t say.”
“Hmm, does sending it in wipe out everything in your phone?”
“Ohhhhhhhh. You don’t want to lose the messages?”
“Yeah, I don’t want to lose your messages. I want to keep them.” 


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