15th June. Friday.



I finally saw my dear Jamie!!! Met her at Holland V and brought her to Hatched. Caught up and omg I summarised my entire story for her. Yep yep, I still feel utmost comfortable with her and I love talking to her about animes and mangas. She is a cosplayer so she is crazy over those kind of stuff. She thinks in the most peculiar perspective so it’s always interesting to talk about things with her. We had The Daily Scoop and it is the worst place to be at night if you want peace and quiet.

She told me I was really distant during the time we last met. I don’t know how I gave out that aura but I am sorry :( Glad the distance between us is pulled closer again :)

16th June. Saturday.

Had Laoban beancurd with a bunch of Hi-clubbers :) Then I went on my date with Crystal. Went to flea and we bought dresses! I got mine for like $3 and I can picture me wearing that at the beach. It has flowers on it which is so Janelle’s style but it’s a black dress and I love black :) Wasn’t really in the mood to dig for treasures then.




Crystal was saying that we took so little pictures that day! Haha! We will take more soon! I love our flea dates :)

Met up with Zihow, Bingxian, Javis, Mairah, Weiboon at Plaza Singapura. Fought with Javis, I forgot what it was about but I lost :( I will win the next one and the next!!! Took a bus home to meet my brother and father to go to popo’s house.


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