Woke up early in the morning because a group of 4e2’s were supposed to have Aphicha’s farewell lunch. Jurong Point at 11am. I haven’t see him in like, 3 years ever since he went back to Thailand. The first thing he did when he saw me was hit my leg, zzz.

So it was Pizzahut with Mr TCS (he bought me a shirt from Taiwan. Woooooo. It’s a kind of shirt where I would wear to sleep but at least he bought something), Aphicha, Waiyee, Minjia, Jamie, Glenn, Junxiong, Kris, Jesher, Sem and Tung. It wasn’t an official thing but it got to that big somehow, lol. So many people I haven’t seen for 3 years :cry:


Jamie lent me a comic book when we were together :) So long since I’ve held a manga in my hands. A picture with the Thai before I won’t see him for a long time again!!! He is like, skinny now, I swear. I didn’t take a picture with Waiyee :( I hope for a sleepover at Jamie’s soon but I know hoping won’t do any good. Wait for the good news!!!

Javis came to JP and we went to Laselle to sit at the grass patch :) Both of us wore checkered shirts, yay. It was planned but whatever, lol. I got my long awaited letters by his pretty handwriting which was written on pretty paper with flowers and sealed with pretty stickers. Thank you :)

I had a pretty Sunday :)


2 thoughts on “17th.

  1. You know a shortcut to Pasir Ris ?!!!! TIME TO MEET MY FRIEND. it is time. hahaha,
    i miss you so much. every comment that i leave down confirm have “i miss you”


    1. HEE HEE. YES YES. DEFINITELY HAHAHA! I miss you too :'( I have yet to meet other Denises HAHA.

      Denise :)

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