18th to 22nd June.


Photospam with my Janelle ‘Kate Middleton’ Cheong.

Monday, end of our implementation!


Running with Kaiyan. What a healthy relationship we have now, physically and spiritually :) We meet once a week to run and we spend like 2/3 of the time catching up and talking about everything. I like running. I wish I knew how to swim, though.

Tuesday, night shift day. Supervisor gave me a Happy Father’s Day brownie. Only found out that he had to pay for it later. I had a pretty ponytail on that day HAHA.

Wednesday, caught I AM at Yishun’s GV with Kaiyan! $16 for a ticket. It was so worth it!!! I love Key :) :) :) Shinee grew up so much, especially Taemin, omg. Ryeowook cried and Taeyeon is just as pretty as ever!  Took a long bus ride home. I love that we stay so close :D

Thursday, international seafood buffet with relatives :)


So much fooooooooooooooooood. Then it was to Eunos to celebrate Alasdair’s birthday with Mandy, Javis and Raj. It ended badly for me :( Tsk tsk.

Friday, Madagascar 3 with Jamie! It is so hard to bring her to a good movie because she is so critical of everything LOL but she loves this movie :) I felt so accomplished. Walked around The Cathay to get presents and pretty envelopes :)



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