Induction. 30th.

A picture with my favourite aunties! It was braid day for Rina, Amanda and I!




Went back for the Year 1 induction and to see the Junior Excos in action! I had this sharing where I spoke to like, 80 people? Was it 80? Ho ho, what a record! I felt so much better talking to a mass of people in a lecture theatre than a classroom. And all the beautiful encouraging words from my lovely excos!!! I love you guys! It really was a pity that we did not manage to take a group photo when all 9 of us were present :(

Station games with Amanda and Ron. I had fun :) Don’t worry, Ron!!! Amanda and I will always be supporting you!

Went back to the lecture theatre and Basil, Jacq and I sat at the back and had an Away We Happened marathon! On the big screen with surround system!!! Lol. We should have more of that :)

Had heart to heart talks with Rina and Jacq and a short one with Crystal. Hee hee.

Went to the piano place outside Munch with Amanda after the event ended and we had this really long talk in the dark. It just added to the whole emotional thing.

It was a great Saturday. Being with so many people I missed, it was lovely :)

Xavier, Phyllis, Jacqueline, Joseph, Basil, Ashlyn, Rina, Amanda and Denise. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


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