1st July.



Hee hee. Looks like a sunflower that’s as big as my face so let me tell you now that it wasn’t that big. 1st of July was a pretty day :) As open as I am, I’m not going to put what happened in detail here. Saying it out makes me happier + it comes with the actions + expressions. I can’t write it because I’m not very good with words and it might seem like it’s nothing much. I don’t know, I like saying things out more.

Javis and I matched that day again. White top and blue shorts and we took many walks around MBS.

I went to Clarke Quay to find my family after that.


I felt like a walking press conference after that day but I love saying what happened over and over again.

Thank you :)

p/s I added new pictures into this post, Induction. 30th. It’s nothing much but just an update!


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