Pretty new shoes.




I’ve been searching for the perfect 2-inch for quite a long time now. Found it at Bugis for only $19.90. I fell in love. It’s velvet-y or it is suede-y. It’s perfect with dresses, jeans, pants, formal clothes. I have pretty and cool shoes for any formal presentation next semester!!! If there’s no formal presentation, well, that’s okay :D :D :D I find a 2-inches a must have because it doesn’t add too much height. I rarely (almost never) wear my 3-4 inches because the sudden jump in height is just weird. Like, suddenly being able to look at Janelle eye to eye (literally) or bowing my head at Kaiyan or Mandy :| Hee hee. If lets say you never see me wearing that pretty pair of shoes out,

here’s a line from Janelle: “It’s not that I don’t want to wear, is no chance to wear.


My favourite peterpan collar dress. A post on this would most probably be up a week later, hahahaha.


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