What a week. 2nd to 6th.


Monday was running with Kaiyan again :)

Tuesday, had my first double down! I heart meat but that meal made me feel like swearing off bacon and cheese. It’s a weird mix :x

Wednesday, Vienna International Seafood buffet at  Novena Square with Kangling. All the rich foods!!! Buddha jump over the wall, sharks fin, black pepper crab, scallops, cocktails, teppanyaki, prawns, more prawns, sushi. I FEEL SOME SORT OF REGRET THAT I DIDN’T HAVE SPACE IN MY STOMACH FOR EVERY FOOD :( It cost each of us $48 at the end so think about it before you go. It doesn’t just burn a hole in your pocket. It burns all your clothes.

Thursday. Went to send a client to CDC with Boonsiong. Went to Reach FSC to look for Mandy. On the way back, Boonsiong and I had this talk on relationships and the future.  He taught me a lot even though he is just a 25 year old. Wrote birthday wishes for Crystal with Javis :) Waited for Raj to finish Hi club but I had this severe stomach ache. Raj and I then took a cab home :( :( :( I got a fever after that.

Friday. MC day but I went back to school to find Kangling and Mandy :) Finally saw Huiqi! :D We stayed at the attic until the security guard chased us out. Took a cab home with Mandy :)

That stomach problem made me not want to eat anything. I felt fine after not eating for a day or more but I know my stomach needs the food. I saw my weight drop from 43 to 40. Yes, I weigh myself everyday because my mom bought a pretty glass weighing scale. That was like, two weeks ago. I got my weight back, yay :)


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