6th and 7th July.

Now I am two weeks behind. I’m going to just put two posts together :)




Lao Ban at Old Airport road with Kaiyan :) I bought 6 bowls for my family (including relatives) because I was heading to popo’s house after that :)

I’ve wanted to say this but I keep forgetting. There was one night where I shared a earpiece with Kaiyan on the bus. We didn’t talk and we just sat there listening to her music. That moment was pretty significant to me. Sharing earpieces on the bus was a secondary school thing and I did that daily. I missed that. Now sharing of earpieces is sort of like, a substitute to not talk to the other party. I guess it depends on who you share earpieces with :)


Botanic Gardens HEE HEE.



I cannot stop smiling at this picture so I was contemplating whether to put it up or not. I can’t look at it normally. HAHAHAH OMG. I am ridiculous :| I will get used to it one day :)



We walked to Ion :) Hee hee. Pretty day. Spent the afternoon laughing at people and the night buying letter sets. I have motivation to write more letters :)


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