1st month!

THIS HAPPENED ON THE 1ST OF AUGUST LOL. OMG I AM SO SLOW. It’s already 22 days after that pretty day.

We caught Batman :D :D :D Anne Hathaway is super pretty! Oh yes, sorry, I thought that post covered all about Javis but it didn’t ‘cos there were no couple photos :|

We went to Shilin!!!



Javis then switched on my camera. He tried taking a picture but I knew it would turn out weird HAHAHA.

So I guided him but actually, it’s me positioning and pressing the button he just held it. Okay, not guide then. I took a picture of myself LOL.

Told him to focus on the phone. Not bad.

Still as skillful!!!


Told him to focus on the fist so next time, instead of sending that tiny fist in the Emoji keyboard, I will send this huge picture to him whenever I want to punch him :) Emoticons are just too mainstream, HAHAHAHA.

We went to the Sky Garden and sat there until 11 :) :) :)

What a pretty day. Thank you :)


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