Miserable amount of photos for hi club CC.

Crystal, the lover.

Jacq! Hee hee.

Elvin! Feels like I have not seen him for 5 years!

Kangling. My everything :)

Siewhuey, hee hee. My favourite.

With Huiqi, our idol forever. Omg, I still remember the night when all 4 of us were mesmerized by her signing. I mean, we really went crazy.

Weiboon. Woooooooo, idol for the night!!!! I want to say like forever but Huiqi already took that spot! Got scolded by Javis for staring at him during his performance :cry: Joke please. Don’t think Javis is some tyrant.

Hee hee, the disgusting face, Javis :D We were beside each other the whole night! Except for times when he has to perform, and reflect and perform again but he always came back :)

Why are there no photos with Mandy..

Went to Mac’s with Mandy and Kangling! We sat there until I-forgot-what-time but we didn’t have buses to go home anymore. Ordered more than what we could eat again, hahaha.


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