Sunny Sundays :)

It’s been so long since I did a post on anything recent so here is one! It only happened yesterday so it is as recent as it can get! :) I spent my Sunday rotting and rotting. Wanted to take a  nap but Demi asked me if I wanted to go and eat some food!

It’s been such a long time! I used to have tons of Sunday dates with my father and sister. We would go to all the good places and order tons of food because it’s only the 3 of us :D (Mom has her weekend afternoon naps and bro has his.. weekend computer time) Lesser people = cheaper! I stopped staying at home on Sundays since months ago because I had internship and they are the only days I can spend a whole day with my friends and sometimes, meet my family for dinner. After that, I dedicated every Sunday to Javis because it’s the only day I can go out for the entire day (Sat is for my grandmother :)). Now because we see each other more on weekdays, we can spend Sundays with our families now! :)

I told my father I wanted to eat stingray so he brought us to Alexandra Village Food Market!

So much meat. Omg, I miss it already. $8 but not as big as I wanted it to be :|

Sambal sotong! Maybe I should call it sambal squid but it’s like, so Singapore to call it ‘Sotong’ LOL. I won’t call ‘bak ku teh’, ‘Chinese herbal pork rib soup’ or something! I don’t think ‘Chinese herbal pork rib soup’ sounds appetizing at all.. The sotongs aren’t chewy at all :( I love chewy food. Meat, mushroom, gummies, veggies. Don’t like tofu, eggs, potatoes :| No challenge trying to bite them LOL.

Look at the onions! Here is to let you all know I found my new favourite food: Onions!!!!! Not fried onions though. Omg, they taste so good!!!! It’s new because I just discovered it when I kept ordering omelette with onions!

Ordered lime juice because I suck at eating spicy stuff! Then the man came with a giant cup of sugarcane + lime juice + sour plum. I don’t quite understand why he did that but it saved me :)

A bowl of almond beancurd! Favourite flavor :) It’s like a 5/10 for Wangdou beancurd if i rate it against Laoban.

That was tea time for me so I went home and slept and woke up to have dinner again, HAHAHAHA.


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