Flea date #3(?)





Omg, I can’t believe it’s been more than a week! What have I been doing!!! Like, lots of things, of course ;) Now this post is like, a month ago. When am I ever going to post normally instead of constantly trying to remember what happened weeks ago. However, it’s good though, they force me to remember the good memories :) but argh, My brain’s compartments are starting to me full.

Flea date with Crystal. We have decided that we are going to not go for flea dates the next time we go out because we kept buying pretty dresses! For flea you have to wear something comfortable so you can bend down and search for stuff and walk for long periods to choose. We will wear dresses on our next date together, hee hee so NO FLEA.

I bought a dress for her because I didn’t do anything for her birthday except write on a piece of purple paper for her. Bought 5 pieces of clothes for just $27.50! Sat on a bench after that and caught up :) Went to AMK because I needed to go Yishun afterwards and we had dinner!


Lovely western food that we introduced and we had beancurd after that. Almond has got to be my favourite flavour for beancurds :) Hee hee, thank you for the lovely day, Crystal. Only you would tell me $10-$15 is expensive, hahahaha.


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