I’ve always known that I have this really disgusting and despicable side but I was even more aware of it today.

So my brother’s contract is ending and my mom was planning to renew his contract to get me the iPhone 5. So it’s like, I will get the iPhone 5 and my brother will get my current iPhone 4 (which I have been using for almost a year). Suddenly, my uncle called and said my brother has to renew his contract by 12am or his 12g will become 2g. Which means I get my iPhone 5 with my brother having only 2g or I don’t get the iPhone 5 but some other phone and my brother stays with his 12g with my iPhone 4.

Sorry I am not the nice, selfless, goody-two-shoes type where I don’t have to think and just let him buy any phone. I didn’t know what I was thinking, I mean, I am not exactly losing out (except not getting the iPhone 5). I get a brand new phone and he gets my 1 year old phone. So the disgusting part started when my mom told me to whatsapped him.

Me: “Eh, crisis here. By tonight if you buy a phone it will still be 12g. If buy iPhone 5, your line will be 2g.”
Bro: “I want a 4s or s3.”
Me: “Walao, then my iPhone 5 how?”
Bro: “Then sacrifice my data plan meh.. I need to use too.”
Me: “Wts -.- you use so much meh. Do you even know how much you use. Ah, never mind.”
Bro: “You take new 4s lor. I take yours. K la, go buy the iPhone 5. I don’t think I use much anyway.”

WHY AM I SO DISGUSTING ZZZZ. I picked the stupid phone and expected my brother to live with 2g for the rest of his life. When he said the last line my heart obviously took a stab.

Me: “It’s okay. Sorry. We will get the 4s, I’ll give you my phone.”

I still think that was disgusting because it’s like pushing someone onto the floor and immediately saying sorry afterwards. The pain was already inflicted.

So I told my mom we will get the 4s but my uncle said the contract is now already 2g (at like 10pm and it’s not like I dragged it or anything) so there is no need to buy a new phone already, we are just going to stick to the plan of getting me the iPhone 5. I didn’t even have the courage of looking at my brother when he came home minutes later.

You can totally call me a disgusting person, selfish or whatever, I know that, but I reflected and I learned something. So I think I am one step closer to being a less selfish person!!! :) Better than people who don’t even know they are selfish and not attempting to change. The world will be a better place with less selfish people! :) I’m trying so you can try too! :D Think of others and not yourself! Oh! And by judging me from one blog post is kind of shallow too :) So don’t do it! I have a nice side too :D


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