Photogenic life.


I wanted to blog about this picture that I actually considered posting about my day with Victoria and pushing back the other posts!!! Then I decided I should not be so unfair, haha.

So anyway, AREN’T THEY GORGEOUS. OMG. IT’S LIKE THEY STEPPED OUT OF A MAGAZINE. I THINK THEY ARE FRENCH. They were having this wedding photoshoot. I don’t know if they are models or really getting married but they just caught my eye! I kept wanting to take nice candid shots of them but they all turned out really gross. Suddenly the bride (or “bride”) said to me, “It’s okay, you can take our picture.” in a French accent and both of them posed for me!!! I kept thanking them and Victoria and I told her she was very pretty! I think she gets that a lot because she said thanks like it happens every minute, LOL BUT IT REALLY DO THINK IT HAPPENS EVERY MINUTE. So pretty! Soon, there was a tiny crowd forming to take their pictures! Hee hee, but they posed for me and I would like to think it’s only me because they left after I took their picture! :D What a perfect (looking) couple :) If they are, of course.

Read a book by Low Kay Hwa! Javis sort of recommended that I read his books because he read them before :) It’s a really good book. Taught me quite a lot :)

“My hands can build a house within two months, but my mind can build the same house within two minutes.”

“Hey Linda, how do you know if you have fallen for someone?”
“Basically, if you started to ask yourself if you have fallen for him, you have.”
“Huh? Why?”
“Because you’ve got so many male friends. Why out of hundred, you wonder about this particular guy?”
“Every single second… I am wondering what he is doing, how is he… is that really love?”

The conversation just reminds me of our pre-pre relationship, Javis! :) Hee hee.


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