I wish I could be stronger.

Now that’s a thought that has left for a long time and it came back to visit. Am I doing okay? Am I doing it right? How do I know it is right?

So many emotions and thoughts just tangled up. I can’t untie them :cry: Step by step, I guess!

Okay, I thought of the manga, Fruits Basket! Tohru was in some difficult situation and wanted to give up so Shigure painted a picture for her. So he siad, Tohru was supposed to do this huge mountain of laundry and she felt so defeated and didn’t want to do it anymore! Then Shigure told her to not worry about the huge mountain of clothes and how she is going to finish them but to just start doing the ones near her feet and keep doing! She cleared the huge mountain eventually and felt the satisfaction by looking at all the clean white sheets drying in the wind  :)

Ah, omg, I feel so much better :) Hee hee, so cool that I started out so depressingly but got better because of a sudden thought. It gives me hope, to know I can save myself.

I’ll start by facing the thoughts and emotions near my feet first!!! :)

I’m feeling hyped up about my presentation, Hi Club camp and Leo Fusion camp now!!! I have Janelle for presentation, Mandy for Hi Club camp, Victoria for Leo Fusion and Javis for those and everything else. I’ll get through this week with all of them!

Denise will survive :)


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