Eurekamp & Leo Fusion 2012

As most know (I kept talking about it on twitter) I went for camps for 6 days straight! Tiring but I have young blood! First was Eurekamp!




It’s been so long since I have been an official camper! It is less worrisome for me but I attach myself lesser too! I am not sure if the attaching part is a good thing or a bad thing but I am okay with it. The bunnies are really an awesome bunch of people! To see them start their hi club journey while I am almost ending mine. I find myself smiling whenever they try their best to sign :) And my signing is almost dead :cry: I think it is going to end up like my Chinese but I find more joy and passion in SL so I guess that would help me through! :D

I’ve always pictured Javis reading the signings and signing for me LOL. Like a translator and since he is so good at it but then, what’s the point of me learning sign language right!!! So I can’t do that! Oh oh, I have also found myself more confident in talking to the hearing impaired! :D There’s a HI in my Chubby Bunny group called Brendan! I joked with a HI for the first time!!! :D Wooooo. And I find myself wanting to visit the HI shop whenever I am in Bugis! I’ve visited them twice and stayed for quite awhile, both times with Victoria! :D

My favourite part of the camp has to be when Mandy’s with me :) We slept together, had sad, stupid, funny talks, play childhood games, instructed together, cried, supported, hugged, showed the heart shape sign and had lessons! I’m smiling right now! Hee hee! Hi Club brought us so close :D I think it wouldn’t have been as great without Mandy. Yayyyy.

I had a night talk with Nabilah too :) I used to be affected by her (LOL, NAB, NO SELF BLAMING HERE!) so I felt really weird until we were forced to bunk together ;) Woooo. She had headaches from the talk the next morning, HAHAHAHA! I never would have thought I could talk to her like this but now I can! Hee hee! I found a friend in bunny 13! :D

Now for my Leo Fusion! Avengers was the theme!!! I was so worried because I was the GL and GLs CAN’T DIE AND BE TIRED but I managed to survive! Thanks to lots of sleep and my very awesome partner, Renjie! :D



I designed the flag. I am so creative HAHAHAHAHA.




Most probably my last GL experience in NP! Glad a I have such a great group and partner! For a year 1 and first time GL, Renjie really was a great help! HE WILL BE MY SUCCESSOR. I met so many new friends and found back old ones (Jerry)! :D And I am very connected to Chenxian, hahahaha! I’ve also found someone interesting, Arowana brain (Samuel)! Jiahong made me worry for half an hour! Aisha is so pretty~~~ Of course, I got through the camp with Victoria and my ex-campers who are now really amazing people, like Huiling and Wenwen! It’s not really easy to keep in touch with your campers but these few people made me love the experience and to know that I am a part of them forever :)

Yep, I feel really attached to this group! We won best cheer! Hee hee! Hulk forever! :D Every friend I made in Leo Fusion will be remembered!


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