Be your everything

Update on my relationship, HEE HEE. I’ve decided to blog by person because if it’s a day post, I need to do like, 40 plus posts. Which is crazy and I don’t have the time to do it :(

So a month ago, was our 2nd month! Hahaha!


We went to Keppal Bay then to Hi Club’s bbq! :D Woooo.

Not long after was his birthday!



It was 365 notes in a bottle! He has to open one everyday until his next birthday! Woooo! The idea came from Mandy :) I didn’t know 365 notes could only fill up half a bottle so I bought scented paper strips to make stars and a box of old origami paper I found and folded hearts! :)

You know, I thought it was some unique idea and not a present anybody could have thought of but Janelle got it in one shot!!! She is super scary. She was like, “Don’t tell me you are going to write 365 messages and put in a bottle so that he can read it everyday. All dramas do that.” I was so shocked omg. Is like she can read minds!


And I got him a huge dinosaur pillow! We have couple pillows now :D We caught 7 Something! :)



Every time I look at us, I look at our eyelids. THEY ARE NOT SINGLE, THEY ARE INNER DOUBLE EYELIDS! Now you all are looking at our eyelids right!!! Hahaha! So we had this week where we met each other everyday! It was because he was going to start internship and we won’t have full days as much! We had our first cycling date, first ice-cream date, first seafood date. Woooo, tons of things :) It passed by in a flash and until now, he is almost two weeks in Select! :)


We went to the airport one day and I got a huge treat because I did well for internship semester! If you are wondering, we are still matchy matchy :D Hee hee.

We just had our 3rd month a few days ago! Astons and sat at SOTA :) And on 2nd Oct, he gave me the best birthday surprise/celebration in my life :) With the help with Mandy, Kangling and Raj, my wife. I will blog about my birthday!!! Wooo! More details in there!!!

There’s this day we went to Ikea for dinner because I was craving for the cold prawns. Javis was eating chicken wings so I started to stare at his eye lashes, HAHAHAHAH. It is seriously long :( So jealous. Anyway, I think he got uneasy (he stares at me more and I am fine with it but will get a tinsy bit self conscious), HAHAHAHAHAHAHA then he said, “Why do you keep staring at me? Do I look more attractive eating chicken wings?” HHAHAHAHA SO GROSS PLEASE. Yeah, now it’s one of the lines we always use ;)

I saw Tingwei retweeted this:
“Relationships last long because two people make a choice: to keep it, to fight for it, and to work for it.”

We are only 3 months young but we will continue to fight for each other :D We are wearing black with jeans later at night! Hahaha!


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