Wooo, this post is about Janelle. She is currently in Philippines, dying there. Hahaha, kidding~~~ She is training to go over and plant rice or something for a living in the future.

This is us when we met up to do the slides for a presentation to the AMKFSC management. In the end, we decided to just use back our own slides LOL and we went youtube and blog surfing! Just like when we were still interning together :D

And I was supposed to accompany her to see Kate Middleton, lol.. Which I failed to do so :cry:



They were giving out free Singapore and British flags at Gardens by the Bay!




Our photo count decreased because we are not interning together anymore :cry:

The next time we met was for the presentation!!! I think we over-dressed LOL but it’s better than being under-dressed :) And the AMKFSC interns (March – July 2012) met up again!


Wooooo. I think that marks the end of internship! Nothing binds us there now except to volunteer! :)

Janelle also celebrated my birthday with me!!! Woooo. So sweet :cry: It’s always dress day when I’m with her! Hee hee! Come back soon!!! Don’t turn tan :)


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