100 days :)

It’s our 100th day today! I’ve never actually did this but we wanted to find more excuses to celebrate things! Haha. I told Javis lets celebrate our 100th day and he counted and saved the date in his phone! :) He saves the dates for almost everything about us, HEE HEE. THANK YOU :)

I tweeted about the letter because it’s the first letter I waited until the next day to read instead of right after I got home! I don’t know how it links but it’s just. Like. That! HAHAHA. I knew it’s a happy letter and it really made my morning! Hee hee.

Till this date, I’ve received about 30-40 handwritten letters from Javis (including the ones before we got together :))! It’s just a rough estimate! I think I wrote below 30 :| Letters for every occasion, letters when we’re/he’s sad (yes, we get sad too), when we are happy, letters at random! :) And his handwriting is so pretty :cry: it just makes my handwriting look like a guy’s or a doctor’s.

Dear Javis,

I want to eat Delifrance’s baked potato later with lots of bacon bits!!! IMM and JP got promotion where the baked potato set is only $7.80 LOL but if you want a quieter place, I would recommend we go Jelita (I bet you don’t know where so you can ask me on whatsapp/message later) but is $9.90!!! I think :| Hee hee. And whether you are meeting me at Orchard or we just meet at those places!  Happy 100th day for the 3rd time :)


And this whole post will just pop up in his email because he subscribed to me! Hahaha.


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