School is starting soon.

I can’t wait actually!!! :D Excited for the new school term but sad too because it’s my last :cry: 2.5 years is already gone and I must say, only good stuff has been happening to me during poly!!! :D Weeeeeeeeee. Magical but it’s true :D :D :D

I hope to have a great last semester in Poly!!! Yaxun and I can go on our breakfast dates again! Kangling and I will be having our laughing fits. Seeing Liting walk through the classroom with wind in her hair even though she is late. Telling Glenn how ugly he is. Telling Jianxiong how fat he is. Winking at Kimberly. Blushing at Sherlynn (LOL). Irritated face with Liyana. Screaming with Nadhirah (we can talk until we end up laughing + screaming), HAHAHAHA. Some of the few things why I love my class :D Best class in my entire life :D

And during lectures I can see Janelle wearing her SNSD hoodie and Clar’s meaty eyelids when she smiles :D Woooooo.

I think this semester would pass by super quickly too! Wish time would slow down sometimes but it won’t :(

Here is to a great sem :D :D :D :D Yay!!!!


One thought on “School is starting soon.

  1. LOL. you needa stop harping on the “snsd hoodie” thing.
    1) I only wore it that one time during lecture. 2) I was cold that time. 3) It’s not a hoodie, it’s a pullover. 4) I still love you though you always spread weird rumours about me.

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