I’ve wanted to say this out for quite awhile! Hee hee. It’s just something really nice to me :)

I like that every time I have family dinners or gatherings, my mom or aunt would ask me to ask Javis along! I have family dinners every Sunday! I’ve missed a few times so I told my mom I’d be joining them today! She told me to bring Javis along too but I told her I want him to eat with his family :D WOOOO.

Oh oh oh!!! And his family is integrating me too! HAHAHAHA. Is that even the right word? I went to Javis’ house in the late afternoon because he has FYP and we can’t make it on a full date today! His mom reserved a table for their family dinner and counted me in it!!! :D :D Which I can’t go because I had my own (If don’t understand, please read from the top).

Update update: I brought him to my Aunty’s mid autumn festival party so he has seen 2 other families! He brought me to his grandmother’s house with like 3 or 4 other families! Which didn’t felt stressful at all, surprisingly! My bro called him “bro in law” I don’t know how many times already :| I said “Bye” to the twin for the first time today (not that I am rude or something before but just didn’t get the chance to!!!) and saw his older brother’s girlfriend. WOOOO LOL.

This relationship feels so real :) Real in a sense that I don’t really know how to explain? I’m just utmost comfortable in letting the world know about us, like, I want my entire family tree and friend tree to meet him LOL. And most importantly, it feels so right :) I hope everyone feels this way, now, before or some time in the future!!!

Aunt Melody invited Javis to see her daughter’s performance at Nanyang Girl’s tomorrow night :)


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