Convo with J.

Denise Lee says
you are the cherry
to my mudpie world

Javis Fung says
whoa you mean thursday then omg!!

Denise Lee says
the lightbulb to my darkness

Javis Fung says

Denise Lee says
the angel to my hell
since when is girl tell guy this one lor
i am so manly

Javis Fung says
sho shweet dear : )
it’s like so ew to tell these type of things please!
so cheezy
yeah man!
you are the man in my life

Hahahaha, the “You are the man in my life” cracked me up HAHAHAHA. I was saying how “lyfsugz” ‘cos I have TCM quiz on Thursday then Javis said it doesn’t suck ‘cos I have him so I started those corny things HAHAHAHAH. And I thought he changed his display name to fit my name but turns out it has always been “Javis Fung” and he thought I changed my display name ‘cos of him. Omgggg, that was just disgusting, ew, hahaha!

Janelle and Clarissa are going to go crazy on quoting me again and then they are going to say I am disgusting and stuff ;) I bet they love my corny-ness ;)

I have some more! You are the chicken to my curry, moon to my stars, dumpling to my ban mian. HAHAHAHAHHA. Ah, I am disgusting.


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