My sunflower :)






Did a tiny photoshoot for my fifth sunflower from Javis on our 4th month :) Photos from my dslr finally look decent :) If you are feeling sad, you are welcome to look at these pictures :) I don’t know the link but sunflowers can brighten up your day! :) My dslr (Canon D20, omg super old + Tokina lens!) feels wasted sometimes. I don’t bring it around because it is so heavy. So in her place, I have my trusty Canon 95 to bring around! :)

Hardly updating this space because school takes up a huge part of my time. I end at 1 on Wednesdays but it will be filled with group projects. Then again, it’s not me to go home at 1. What a bad habit :( Had a 30% essay last week. Thank you to many people who played a part in my essay :) Javis, who read through and edited my language (I am so bad at academic writing that Javis and Glenn said it’s like reading a storybook) and everything! Mandy, who was beside me teaching me how to reference everything from the punctuation to which part of the reference to italic! I am a failure as a Psychology student who always have errors at the referencing section and didn’t bother. Kangling and Glenn who are my work buddies at the attic. They make me laugh. Glenn hallucinated about dinosaurs and Kangling is a disbeliever in the existence of dinosaurs. They make me mad. Glenn kept wanting to read my essay for a laugh and Kangling kept sleeping! Crazy essay number 1 is over! Now I am getting ready for the others! I hope!

Went to USS for the second time today and did the craziest thing. Omg. Just thinking it about it makes my head spin. Sat the Battlestar Galactica, first row! I am a loser at roller coasters. I don’t like heights. I don’t like falling from a high place. I don’t like my legs dangling in midair :( The 2 second massive drop at the start felt like 9 minutes!!!!!!! I just died after that. The good thing is, other roller coaster rides felt like nothing afterwards. I heard Cylon is worse and I am never ever getting on that thing. Thank you, Kangling, for bringing me to USS :) :) :) Hee hee. I had fun in the heavy rain!

Next week is elearning so I guess I should be updating more frequently for awhile! I love using my laptop on my bed, feeling warm and cozy, while it’s raining ships and lorries outside.


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