Thank you ☺


On the 11th November, mom told me to go for a free blood test because her company allows one family member to do it too. Javis accompanied me all the way to Far East Shopping Centre. He went into the room with me when they started to draw my blood. I was freaking out so I grabbed a pillow really tightly. Javis said he felt useless because I grabbed the pillow instead of him, haha. They took 3 tubes of blood! I think that was the most ever taken from me. The person said to hold the cotton on the injection spot for 5 minutes. After awhile, I started breaking out in cold sweat. Everything became really bright. I hate it when that happens. It’s signs that I am going to faint. I can’t feel my damn pulse and became totally weak.

The doctor asked for my name. Javis said “Denise” in a jiffy! Close to a miracle because Javis can’t say my name properly unless I get him to say it with me. He can’t say anyone’s name properly. He said ‘cos it was like close to a disaster and he didn’t have time to think about the things he would feel when saying my name, haha. He then went to get me water, a sweet, then a cup of ovaltine. He thought I wasn’t going to make it, haha. I felt a bit better and the doctor took my blood pressure again. I went from normal to low. Goodness. I felt better so we went out.

Walked to the bus stop and I felt fainty again. I don’t know is it because I skipped breakfast (only because they said I can’t eat anything for 8 hours) or because they took out too much blood or both. He ran to the cheers/7-11 opposite the road to get milo and water and oats cookies. Javis got very sweaty ‘cos he ran back too. Went to Strictly Pancakes then watched Pitch Perfect.

19th November, I started thinking sort-of negatively about myself again (because of the past). I just kept wallowing in it. Then he asked,

“Do you think you have changed since secondary school until now?”

“Hmmm, yeah, I did! I have more opinions on things and stop going with the flow! I dare to stand up for myself and display leadership qualities now! I dare to make friends. I felt like I self actualise, lol.”

“This is the you I fell in love with. So you can’t say that the past is evident.”

I got right back up after those words.

21st November. Just happened like an hour ago. I was going crazy over all the assignments that I was so hsauhdukahdjksa. Then Javis went, “You wrote 1200 words in one morning remember? You can do it again!” I was like, “oh yeah.”

He does many sweet things. I can’t even count them to keep track but they all leave me wondering, “Is this real life? Wow. A dream? Do I even have a boyfriend.” OMG SERIOUSLY. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WOULD DO SO MANY THINGS FOR ME UP TILL NOW.


I think he smiles very cutely with teeth!

I love listening to his twin stuff and clear up all the twin myths. “I like red and he likes blue. So I would associate myself with elmo and he would be cookie monster and because he is fat.”

What ever would I do without you, Javis? :)


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