Day of mini surprises :)

Today, I bought 2 jars of cake as a surprise for Javis and I because we are having a lunch date! :) I couldn’t make up my mind what flavor he wanted.

“Strawberry, blueberry, mango or chocolate. Choose one.”

He was replying too slow so I got the mango one.

“Blueberry!!! If it is not too late!”
“Sorry! I got the mango one already! DO YOU LIKE MANGO?”
“Yeah, I like mango!”

Hee hee, he just told me 5 minutes ago that he chose blueberry because I like blueberry and he wanted to share it with me and that his mom loves mango and he likes cold mango but not warm mango and he likes all fruits :) And he thought I was buying bubbletea HAHAHAH.

Before dinner, Javis bought cookies for me! Which I didn’t know about ‘cos he left it at another table.

“What subway cookies you like?”
“Raspberry? Erm, and oatmeal raisin!”
“Hee hee, okay you will see later!”

And he had this huge smile plastered on his face! He was like, “Go ahead, look inside.”

OATMEAL RAISIN AND RASPBERRY!! He said he chose them because I hate peanut butter and I can’t eat chocolate so chocolate chip and double chocolate is out of the question.

*His words are always in italic :)

Woo, pretty day!!! :) And I am almost done with Wisp essay! Conquer them one by one! :D


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