Tiny dates.

It’s hard to have full dates now with all the assignments and Javis is on internship. Assignments are crazy!!!!! They want to kill us, I swear. But I know I will miss the deadlines, the staying up late, the rushing (somehow) same time next year. So anyway, we met for mini dates :)


Well, I guess they are still dates but just mini :) We had a lunch date on Saturday! It was supposed to be a breakfast date but both of us were as dead as rocks so I told him to sleep as much as he can before meeting me! :) And because he woke up late, his bro bought him his lunch already! So he brought his packet rice all the way to my house! I went to packet $4 fried kway tiao (it’s been like, years or something since I had it). We bought a carton of red grape juice for lunch too and we set at a table below my block :) It’s so simple yet, perfect. It doesn’t have to be a candle lit dinner or pastamania. I did it for the first time and it felt like that coolest thing I ever did! Haha! I gave up halfway and he said he will feed me :cry: With the encouragement, I almost finished the entire thing (only left 2 scoops okay)!

We said goodbye after an hour together because I had to study. He traveled a total of 2+ hours (to and fro) just to spend an hour!!! :cry:


We pushed our breakfast date to Sunday. Mcdonalds’ breakfast! So long since a breakfast date. We started talking about the type of people we like.

Me: “So what kind of girls you like?”
Javis: “You. I like you.”
Me: :) (Obviously smiled like crazy but I got straight back to the topic and I got my answers. Hee hee)

Javis: “So you, what kind of guys you like?”
Me: “Like mysterious..”
Javis: “Like me right?” (and he started putting the “handsome” pose + jumping eyebrows. I know you guys cannot imagine him doing that but he does it like 500 times when he is with me)

But yep, Javis has enough mysterious-ness to attract me ;)

It was goodbye in 2 hours but I had a lovely time.

Me: “Your hair is popping out.”
Javis: “Lets reborn it together.”
Me: “Haha, yeah I need it, omg. So frizzy.”
Javis: “Noooooo. I like it like that!”


You are just lovely to be with, Javis Fung :)


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