20122012 :)

Spent this lovely day with Kangling and a part of the day + Mandy! :) The 3 of us are going to spend a day together next week! :D

We had our nails done for Christmas and mine is below! I miss dark nails (my mom says it looks like my nails rotted). This one is special because it’s a french mani! :) For only $10!!!!!!!! Okay, on to my day.


This lovely set of pillows is hand sewn and stuffed by my lovely Kangling for my birthday! The long one was actually the original pillow but she went overboard and it got too long until it became a bolster of some sort so she made another one which is an actual pillow!!! It is now mine but it will be for my twins in the future! For their cute little baby heads :) Now it is for my cute head. Yes, I finally got my birthday present from her! Wooo! After almost 3 months.

We went to Little Pancakes for dinner!



Because we shared a plate, my stomach started screaming after I got home. It was lovely pancakes for the tongue though! :D

We went to Scoopz and sat there for a long time before making our way back home!

So glad to have you, Kangling :) We have reached a stage where we don’t need to say mushy words to show the world how close we are! But people still need reassurance every now and then! Thank you for staying by me after almost 3 years! I wouldn’t have loved poly so much if it weren’t for you around. I think we have a really healthy friendship; so honest, direct and no secrets! Silence never felt so comfortable too :) I think it’s sad I won’t see you 5 days a week for the rest of my life after we graduate :cry: :cry: :cry: I’ll save the depressing talks for another time so lets cherish the little time we have left (since you want to graduate so badly :x)! I’ll always stand by you too.

Yong bu fen li,

p/s Our baby isn’t ever going to come out if you keep eating like that but it’s okay. I like you like a ball.


I don’t know what blue is this but it is just lovely! My nails look like windows looking out into the dark snowy night and snow collected on them :) One of my coolest nails to date!



Played with the dslr for awhile and I regretted not bringing it to Jurong Bird Park :( My mom likes fake flowers.


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