5th month on 1st Dec.


At the Arts Museum with my monthly sunflower #6.


My tortured face for fun.


My long fringe is already gone and his hair is getting longer.


I think the pictures are really pretty so I shall not destroy this post with too much words. It was a special day! I’m glad we came this far :) I remember we first started essay messaging on 12th Dec 2011! Thank you for not giving up on me since then! If you did, we wouldn’t have got to today and I don’t think we could be happier than we are now. Thank you, Javis Fung.


2 thoughts on “5th month on 1st Dec.

  1. Your anni in December too!!! Hehehe. When are we catching up , seriously seriously seriously.

    Im so happy for u! ^^

    see you soon,
    Denise Pung

    1. Hee hee. In Jan 1st is 6th months!!! YES WE NEED TOO. But omg so busy :'( I want to whatsapp you but I am afraid I will have to stop half way and have to do some other things!!!

      Awwww. Thank you!!! :’) I miss you very very much, Denise!!!

      Definitely see you soon,
      Denise Lee <3

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