Javis and I had a present opening session at The Arc’s MacDonalds because it is Boxing Day! So we brought all the presents we received! Okay that is not the point of this post. The point is, when I opened the huge present he gave I started to tear :cry: :cry: :cry:

My reaction reminded me of this. Well, a lot more less shouting and crying but there were tears :cry:

I am so touched to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He bought this bag (a brand called Herschel)!!!! He tried to find a replica of the backpack that I am carrying now because the strap of mine is breaking!!! I think it is 10x the price of my now-backpack but omgggggggggggggggg. I HUGGED IT AND IT WASN’T FLIMSY. THEN I FOUND OUT THERE WERE 3 MORE WRAPPED PRESENTS INSIDE. I was already making those crying sounds or something (thank God The Arc is barren) :cry:

So present #1! This card holder thingy came with the bag!!! He wrapped it anyway because it’s inside! Haha. Now I can put my ezlink card in a new place and for my instax films! :D PRESENT #2 WAS ANOTHER KIEL JAMES PATRICK BRACELET. IT IS IN WHITE :cry: :cry: :cry: I was hyperventilating I think + tearing. Present #3 was a pair of shoes from Daniel Green!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: He said he wanted to find another exact replica of my 17.90 H&M shoes (which are like, extinct now) because mine has holes and water will enter them when I walk (I have to tiptoe when there are puddles :|). He still said sorry because the DG shoes had 4 lace holes and my H&M ones had 3 holes so it is not exactly the same. SAY SORRY FOR WHAT, GOODNESS. ALL THIS KIND OF WEIRD NAMES CAN’T BE FOUND IN SINGAPORE = SHIPPED OVER = WORTH GOLD. Although we found KJP in Rockstar but one bracelet is selling for $55 (crazy. All the prices in Rockstar are crazy).

I just want to die with all these things on my bed because they are all so great and my itsy bitsy present can’t be compared to what he has given me :cry: (But he teared at my present so I guess it’s alright) I still think I did a lot worse though :cry:

I am going to just go to bed and tell myself that it is not some dream and that I am so very very very very very lucky to have Javis, who made Christmas so amazing this year for me. It’s the best Christmas ever and slowly it will be my favourite holiday. It’s his favourite holiday of the year ‘cos it’s the season of giving, he says :) And to tell myself to stop feeling so guilty by receiving all these presents from him. It’s like, you think you don’t deserve it but you have them. In your house.

So very lucky but I don’t deserve them :cry: Javis will kill me if he knows I am thinking like that lol. He will go “No darling!!!!!!!! You deserve them!!! Every one of them!!!” with his high pitched voice. Never heard his high pitched voice before right ;) Well, your voice will automatically go higher in front of the people you like! Hee hee. If you heard his high pitched voice then, ho ho, he is dead!!! Hahaha. Kidding! It’s very cute though so if you have the chance to hear it, you are lucky!!! Like me :)


4 thoughts on “:’)

  1. Woah, Denise, ask your bf to teach my bf those sweet romantic strategy lei!!! Really very sweet :’) Hahaha:D my shoes also got hole , he asked me to wear slippers =.=

    sweetness overload you two!

    Whenever you’re free, i want to hear every single detail babe.
    Denise pung

    1. Hahahahaha!!! Yes he is super sweet :’) LOL. OMG SO FUNNY HAHAHAHA. Brand new always sweetness overload! Hee hee.

      Okay you got it!!! :D :D :D

      Denise Lee

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