My first post for 2013 will be:


Happy 6th month!!!!!!!!

Hee hee. We passed the 6th month mark!!! Never been so excited about it! Hee hee! The past 2 relationships, hmm, one didn’t hit the 5th month mark and one didn’t have a date LOL. This current relationship is the best. Best isn’t even worthy now that I have used it. I have a very bad vocabulary. It’s relationship I have always wanted! Javis became the ideal person in my eyes; a lovely mixture of soft and tough. Extremely extremely sweet.

We went up to SOTA for some “us” time one day. Hee hee. I forgot why but he started massaging my face. IT WAS SO RELAXING LOL. Especially between the eyes area. Maybe it is just me. Then we practiced the “YAY YOU ARE BACK FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY” hug, hahaha!!! Failed so many times because I didn’t dare to jump LOL. We danced “head and shoulders, knees and toes”!!! OMG RIGHT LOL.

Latest crazy thing we did: Last night at 3+am at my lift lobby, he picked me up and spun me around!!! It’s crazy to me because I’ve only seen it in the movies!

Hee hee. I have to start blogging about other people soon!!! It’s the 4th consecutive post with Javis as the main topic, wow.

Have a great new year, guys!!! :D


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