Serena + volunteering at IMH. 22nd November.

Woke up early in the morning to have breakfast at Swenson’s with Serena! We wanted Pastamania initially but we realised Clementi Mall doesn’t have that restaurant. I was determined to have a not-so-normal breakfast because we have not met for a long time! Meetings like this deserves to be accompanied with good food! :) I was surprised Swenson’s had a breakfast menu, haha! One person was only $12 and I think it’s worth the money!


My photos on food failed me this time so I made them tiny! Hee hee. The toasts was so yummy!!! And notice the cream thing beside the toasts? I THINK IT IS THE BEST CREAM/SPREAD EVER MADE. My entire toast was covered with it and the bun too! (we shared our meals so we can have toasts and eggs!)


We caught up and everything; relationships, our future, our education, what we have been doing. Another rare friend that remains as close without constantly seeing each other.

Went hunting for a green dress for Serena. Hee hee. I love picking out dresses for friends!!! Adrenaline rush and I will go all out!!! Please find me to accompany you if you want to look for a dress!!! Hahaha!


Glad we found the perfect one before I had to make my way down to IMH! Yay! :D

Sleepovers soon!!! :) One of the houses I can sleep immediately at night without feeling uncomfortable :) I love you, Serena :)

Had to find my way down to IMH because I have never been there by myself!!! My father drove me there when I was volunteering. Dropped at Bishan and took a bus and met Eelin coincidentally!!!! Lucky me! :D

There were so many PCS students! From year 1 to year 3 and that got me exceptionally excited!!! I was already super excited about the Christmas event for the patients when I know the dress code was checkered shirt + jeans!

Was in a group with Eelin and Siaotian which +++ excitement even more!!!!!!! My volunteering experience was fruitful because I had so much fun + the lovely interactions! Seeing the patients dancing around, volunteering to answer questions, playing the games; VOLUNTEERING THERE WAS SO WORTH IT. One uncle even remembered me from previous volunteering sessions :)


I will miss this bunch of people I can get so high with at volunteering sessions! Don’t know when we can volunteer somewhere together again :(

+ I got a huge box of Secret Recipe carrot cakes (80 cubes, I am not kidding) thanks to Janelle, hahaha!

Yay to the NUS Psychology students who planned the entire event and got so many other people to perform! It’s obvious the patients had so so so much fun! :D Always volunteer with a heart :)

Met the lovely boyfriend who dressed up (because I am dressed up) just to send me to my popo’s house :) What a sweetheart. Our photos for another post! :)


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